At the expense of sounding melodramatic, there is a movement happening in Crossett. I believe that movement has been put in motion by the upheaval along our industrial backbone.

The aftermath that continues to unfold is scary, true. The ripple effect is unnerving, true. The uncertainty that threatens to take hold is dismaying, true. But what is also true is that we the people of Crossett are showing our true colors by standing our ground.

Turns out, that ground is rich with community and heart and goodness. While you busy yourself with the day to day tasks that together form a medley you call life, notice:

-Crossett teens have blurred the lines between churches and joined youth groups into a huge shovels, hoes and brooms wielding force bearing down on overgrown properties that are creating a blight on our town.

-One of our own veterans took it upon himself to rally a parade together to honor our neighbors who served our country, and we came together that day in such a show of gratitude my heart still swells when thinking about it. It does likewise when I consider the energy at Crossett’s annual Wiggins Cabin Festival last month and how it skyrocketed with positive vibes.

-With the reopening of our Crossett City Pool, community organizations who helped with that have not sat back in celebration of one task completed; instead they are forging ahead with still more.

-Volunteers are reaching out in search of assignments, craving that connection with neighbors amplified by reaching a common, community building goal together.

I know about that last element because these volunteers are reaching out to Crosssett’s Parks and Recreation Department to help. What can be a four letter word has become our town’s mantra. HELP. Not a plea for help. Not a demanding beg for help. A statement of the desire to help.

There is ample opportunity:

-Are you a woodworker? We need one more Tiny Free Library built. These libraries are miniature book nooks nestled in corners of our city where you can leave a book, take a book or sit and read a book and put it right back. They are great ways to cater to bookworms and even better ways to create more.

-Do you have artistic talent? We need more group leaders for our “Paint the Town” event. In three different tiers we will paint storm drains, fire hydrants and wall murals around Crossett. We start with storm drains at 1 p.m. Nov. 16. We will meet at Centennial Park. We could also use supplies, including acrylic paints, paintbrushes and water cups.

-Do you have a flair for holiday trimmings? Come down to Centennial Park on Nov. 18 to help us doll up Main Street for Christmas.

-Is the gift of gab yours? We need welcomers for our warming tent at the Nov. 22 championship game the Eagles will host here. All you have to do is serve coffee and cider and some baked goods with a smile and some kind words for our out-of-town guests.

-Do you have a hard time thinking inside the box? We need your ideas for our kid zone at the Tour de Pines Bike Race happening next October at the Crossett Sports Complex. Help turn a kid on to a healthy hobby and maybe get them to turn off their xbox.

-And above all, do you love Crossett? Come out to any of these events. Come to all of them. And get to know the people who along with you help make this town something special. Because everytime we connect in the spirit of community, of heart and of goodness we grow this movement that our town needs. This movement that will, mark my words, put Crossett on the map.

As always, for more information on any of the events listed in this column or to offer ideas for future events, call Sarah Hollimon at 870-500-0303 or swing by her office at the Crossett Farmers Market on Main Street for conversation and coffee. You never know where it might lead us!

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