Let’s get right to it:  We are failing when it comes to taking care of Crossett. And that is unacceptable. This is our home!

But throw in the additional fact that we are in a time of need to put our best foot forward, showing potential new industry that we are worth setting up shop in, and that is despicable.

We at Crossett Parks and Recreation can and will plan events that not only make Crossett a fun place to live but also a fun place to visit.

But this community has got to meet us halfway by keeping house and creating an aesthetically welcoming community.

The first thing you can do is stop throwing your trash out in our yards and ditches and parks. And then, when you see the litter left by others, pick it up. Make it a point to be hyper aware of litter and then make a pact with yourself to start picking it up when you see it. 

Go a step further and  organize trash pick up days. Don’t wait on civic or business organizations to get one going. But, while we are at it, let’s set one now.

On Saturday, Jan. 4, let’s meet at Centennial Park and get a group of coworkers together.

You can join forces with members of your congregation or challenge the members of that civic group you are in to show up, and then we will head out to pre-chosen areas hit hardest by litterbugs.

If you are part of a group, wear matching company, church or group shirts. Make it a bonding experience while bonding with other community members who love Crossett. Let’s grow that positive passion we have for our community by connecting with those who share it.

MasterTech will provide trash bags for this trash pick up day. Crossett Parks and Recreation will provide gloves and logistical direction. You provide the sense of pride and presence to take care of Crossett through picking up this out of control litter we have accumulated. If not us, who? 

Let’s move on to other ideas. Why not find an area of our community and take on its upkeep? One local family has asked the city for permission to clean up the island in the middle of Lucas Pond. There was a time when it was decorated for Christmas and for Easter. The lighted elements are still out there, they are just under overgrown foliage.

The family plans on correcting that and in doing so creating stronger familial bonds and sense of accomplishment together. Follow their lead. Find a property then ask the city if you and your family or work group can adopt it. Then follow through and love it by keeping it clean and presentable. If not us, who?

Own a business? Step out to your storefront and look at it through fresh eyes. Are your shrubs tidy? Is your paint job fresh? Are your windows clean and any displays clutter free and inviting? Scrutinize yourself. If not you, who? 

Own property that needs to be cleaned up, manicured, repaired? Be brutally honest with yourself. Then do this community a favor and get to the task of correcting what needs to be corrected. If not you, who? 

Somehow, we have nestled back into a state of apathy and  instead of taking on tiny tasks like litter pick up and building upkeep and repair, we sit back, point our fingers at it and assume someone else will do it. Who are these someone elses?

Go look in your mirror. You are the someone else. I am the someone else. Your neighbor and his neighbor and her neighbor are the someone elses. It is a logical truth that the neglect of simple repairs makes major rebuilding necessary. Read that again: ...the neglect of simple repairs makes major rebuilding necessary.  

Why push ourselves to the overwhelming need to do massive cleanups and renovations when just a tiny lifestyle change can prevent tasks from elevating to a daunting level? 

Meet us at Centennial Park at 1 p.m. Jan. 4 Let’s start a tradition of loving our home through maintaining it. Let’s start a tradition of simple repairs to keep us from the necessity of major rebuilding.

Want to help but don’t know how? Call me at 870- 500-0303. We can always find a place for your talents.

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