The thing about getting something for nothing is it grows complacency. When you acquire things you don’t work for, you stop working for things. You sit down. You stagnate. Such is the experience we are bouncing back from in Crossett. 

Historically, Crossett has been gifted with giving people. And that is a beautiful thing. Many of our settlers came to our literal neck of the woods and brought something they loved from their northern hometowns. 

Did you know Crossett once had an opera house? A movie theater? A water ballet group? Those were all activities someone loved and so gifted them to our yesterday. We are rooted in soil rich with love. 

“The Company” that attracted those givers became a giver itself, and so the stage was set. Fast forward to now and we, the people of Crossett, have become so used to the giving that after complacent, we have become entitled. Let that sink in a minute. Nobody is the bad guy here. It is a part of being human, this tendency to expect what has always been. 

Instead of seeking out what we — the general “we” because not everyone has donned the blinders of entitlement — can do for ourselves, we seek out ideas like, “Why doesn’t somebody pick up that litter?”, “Why won’t the city come pick up my leaves for free anymore?”, “Why aren’t they doing that event the way they did it in the past?”

Why, instead, aren’t we all pitching in to help?

I have discovered a large group of neighbors who think their input is not wanted. Perhaps you are among them, those of the mindset that what you have to offer is not part of the usual Crossett volunteers and givers so what you have to offer must not be good enough or important enough and will be rejected.  Ah, rejection. What a paralyzing situation. 

If you are in any way giving in to a mere thought that you might be turned away, redirect your thinking. Crossett needs breaths of fresh air, new perspectives and forward thinkers. The city needs people not afraid to dig their heels in and stand firm while digging their hands in and getting things done. Yes, I said it: Getting. Things. Done.

The days of having things done for us are over. Get up, get out, get busy. 

Parks and Recreation recently formed a board to oversee the City Auditorium and our path toward making her magnificent again. Some of these board members you will know. Some of them you will not. And that was done with a purpose. 

Crossett is made up of all kinds of people. Our boards and committees and councils and clubs should reflect that. From no names to household names, Crossett should be fully represented. 

Your 2020 Crossett City Auditorium Board Members are:

Bessie Dawson, Wanda McGhee, Tonya Cooper, Joshua Wayne, Doris Bakke, Lynn Rogers, Shawn Carpenter and Lauren Richards with myself, Sarah Hollimon, as the ex-officio boardmember. 

These are the ones who will be picking up the torch of refurbishing the building and its life. Make yourself aware of the changes. Seek out the show line up. The next one is “Dueling Pianos at the Crossett City Auditorium”. 

“Julie & Ben” of Lafayette, Louisiana’s “Grouse Room” will absolutely wow you with what they can do to the ivories. You will even get to challenge them during the request portion of the show. On top of that talent, local pianists will play the actual grand piano donated to Crossett years ago by our namesake, E.C. Crossett and his wife. Get there early, this offering will only be available while people are buying tickets, getting seated and visiting. 

Tickets will be on sale for $10 at the Box Office the night of the show, Feb. 12.

Doors open at 6:15 p.m. There will be a photo station for you to mark the occasion. The main event starts at 7:15 p.m. 

As of the writing of this column, this event is being made possible for you by Gypsy Souls, Southeast Insurance, The Mercantile on Main Street, SheBrews, Steve’s Body & Frame, and Harper & Associates. 

Want to join that list? Call me at 870-500-0303 to find out what it takes.

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