In the Parks and Recreation Department, our expertise is event and program planning and execution.  Our medium, or mode of carrying that expertise out, is community. What does that mean? It means that we do what we do for and with our community. Without you, Crossett, we are ineffective and unnecessary. 

That is common in every community across our nation that has a Parks and Recreation Department. What is different here in Crossett is the people who make up our community. We are strong. We are neighborly. We are proud. 

And that combination makes us unique — so unique that we are in a perfect position to be an example to the rest of an America that has lost its direction. 

We are what I like to call a “compass community.” There is no better example of how leading we are than when we came together at last Thursday’s prayer vigil regarding the death of George Floyd and the subsequent increase in civil unrest. 

While bigger cities played host to peaceful protests — some of which later escalated into rioting and looting — Crossett played host to a community-building gathering where we stood together against social injustice while simultaneously bowing our heads in prayer for our world. 

Area pastors, Police Chief J. W. Cruce,  and other motivational speakers from our community weighed in, all with one unified message: Love is the answer. 

The message of love fell gently on Crossett ears because it is what this community has raised her people to believe for generations now.  For a community of the most neighborly people on earth, love is the answer. 

Remember your roots as you maneuver through your days. Know that you are a leader, a guide, a compass for others because you are lucky enough to call Crossett home. 

Be watching our Facebook pages for upcoming events like the opening of the Crossett City Pool, the unveiling of our first barn quilt square on the Delta to the Timbers South Arkansas Barn Quilt Trail and our free  summer movie series in our parks. 

As always, call us with ideas for new events and programs at 870-500-0303. 

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