Less than a day’s drive from Crossett a massive recovery effort is happening. While we go about our lives in our quite happening town of late, there are homes in the Nashville, Tenn., area that are destroyed. Families are mourning and communities are gathering strength at their weakest joints.  

The stories are starting to unfold of mid-storm prayers answered with one home spared among dozens not, of neighbors kneeling down to help neighbors they maybe never thought to stop and say hello to before. 

It is a beautiful characteristic of community, how it blooms when destruction threatens. We see it time and again after tornados, school and church shootings, bombings, and all those ugly moments that have to be overcome. 

Then there is Crossett. Here in this small southern town in the eastern corner of a state that often forgets the corner even exists, we don’t wait for negative situations to come together. Sure, we surge together to help each other in time of need. But we also come together to celebrate each other. 

Just last week — while tornados cut a path across Tennessee — Crossett cut a path down Main Street to make way for the Lady Eagles basketball team as they left home bound for the state championships. 

Middle School students lined their schoolyard near the end of Main Street showing their support. Businesses in the first two blocks of Main plus the first two blocks of Pine Street sent somebody out to wave a flag, waggle a spirit poster or just woohoo their lungs out. Community members from all walks of life joined them. 

I saw politicians, postal workers, bankers, insurance sellers, retired coaches and teachers, millworkers, revenue office employees, school administrators, local church families, and others. The list is long. 

We all came out under the wings of Lady Eagles to celebrate who we are and the community we call home.  

We need to do this kind of thing so that that when the elements that aren’t for Crossett — elements like apathy and fear and addiction —  start to rear their heads, Crossett’s community will be a bit stronger to keep those forces at bay. Community. It is so important. 

The next gathering you have to enjoy and celebrate being Crossett cool is the show your Crossett area  businesses have brought from the Branson stage to the Crossett Municipal Auditorium stage.

Mike Walker of Mike Walker’s Lasting Impressions is so talented that he can bring 50 different music artists to one stage. From Willie Nelson to Ray Charles, to Johnny Cash and Cher and so many more, you never know who will show up next.

This show is Friday, March 13. Presale General Admission tickets are $25 — call 870-500-0303 to pay by phone. They go up to $35 at the door. Reserved seating is $35. Call that same number to get yours today.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the ones talking about that time we all got together and had so much fun. Don’t  find yourself wishing for what you cannot go back and get. Moments matter. And the only thing that makes them matter more is the people you spend them with. And the people of Crossett are about the finest if not the finest to surround yourself with. 

Take the time to gather for fun so that when it is time to gather for help and support we are familiar, ready and strong. 

If you have ideas about an event you want to see brought here, please call me at 870-500-0303. I love to visit! 

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