There is just something so carefree about a Crossett summer. Even as we unfold from the interruption of a pandemic and settle down from national unrest, it is as if we in Crossett get to take a deep breath and relax. Now, I’m not saying this is all because of the Crossett City Pool, but its calming waters and breezes certainly help. And — minus its four year hiatus — it has been a summer oasis for four generations so far.

  If you haven’t  been down to the deck this summer, I just have to ask...What are you waiting for? We offer Public Swim from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. Because of COVID-19 mandates, we have a maximum capacity of 50 but that will rise to 80 next week. Other mandates call for swimmers to arrive in their bathing suits instead of changing in the bath house. It is now used for restroom purposes only. To enter the pool you have to go through a check-in tent where volunteers check your temperature and ask you a series of health questions. Keeping distance between your group and others is encouraged. 

Our prices remain the same: three years old and under free; four years old to 18 years old $3; 19 years old to 59 years old $5 and 60 years old and up free. Now, you might wonder, as neighbor Becky Johnson did, why the older age group is charged more? Simply put, the older a swimmer is, the harder they are to save. 

We have a full staff of lifeguards and after the first week of July we will be ready to offer swimming lessons, exercise classes and party rentals. 

Swimming lessons will cover four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and adult. The exercise classes will offer you Yoga, Aerobics and Zumba. The pool will be rented out for parties on Tuesday evenings, Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday evenings.  The first two hours of your party are $250 with $150 each additional hour up to a maximum of four hours. We have a party box full of inflatable toys like fighting chickens and — new this year — a bucking bull. 

Maybe you are not a fan of the water but you just want to come take a tour. We would be happy to welcome you. And if you are a former Crossett City Pool lifeguard, you can sign the wall. We are still patiently waiting on Brian Holt of Holt Auto Group and Kelly Spradlin of Crossett Middle School to come sign. We have signatures from as far back as 1969 so far. 

The Crossett City Pool has been ebbing and flowing through our summers for so long now that maybe it has settled into that area of commonplace.  It has always been here for us so we take it for granted. Break through that complacency by coming and taking a dip, by watching the kids weave the pool into their Crossett childhoods, by seeing teenage lifeguards take on the responsibility of other peoples’ safety and grow up a bit, by watching Main Street pass by from the vantage point of our deck. The Crossett City Pool is more than a hole in the ground full of water. It is one of the many pieces of our community that make it the best little community on earth. 

For questions about the City Pool, call 870-500-0303 — we will answer unless we are splashing around ourselves.

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