Do not ever complain about boring days; I made the mistake a couple of months ago and haven’t gotten the chance to take a deep breath since.

First of all, to clear up the speculation, we had an unfortunate incident with a weed eater and a rock which shattered our glass front door. You know, life happens. We had a great company come out and fix it first thing Monday and we are back to business as usual. Sometimes accidents happen and you just have to roll with it.

The first part of our week was crazy busy. It took all three of us running all day to keep up. Nothing seems to bring in the patrons like food. The first time one of us opens our lunch, the doors fly open and people pour in and it’s awesome. We have started gauging our busyness by how many times we have to reheat our coffee during the day. We love it when people come in to visit, check out books, participate in some of our programming or just take care of business needs. We are excited to be able to serve our community. Each day brings a new challenge and we are always anxious to see what our next customer might need from us. It keeps us on our toes.

We have had an abundance of donations and that makes us happy, happy, happy. We had a patron donate over a dozen DVDs and it’s awesome to be able to grow our collection in this way. If you have DVDs you aren’t watching, consider donating.

We had a patron bring us three bags of audiobooks as well. They had been buying to listen and since we now have the ability to download online, they are saving money, and now space in their homes, by donating. We added the majority to our shelves and have a few duplicates on our sale shelves. As are many of our patrons, they are great fans of what I call “Southern Lit” and we were able to add quite a few titles I think our patrons will enjoy.

Our summer reading program has gotten off to a great start. We’ve had several participants take bingo cards and our guessing jar is almost full. We’ve had aliens checked out and they are making the rounds. Be sure to follow us on social media to see where he will turn up next. We have several displays around the library featuring our theme, “A Universe of Stories.” We are fortunate to have enough darkness to still see the stars unlike many of the larger cities. With the cooler weather we’ve been having, it would be the perfect time to get out and take a look at the sky!

I don’t know about you, but my reading list is growing and growing. One thing I want to encourage you to do is, don’t read something you aren’t enjoying. I just stopped in the middle of an audiobook because I wasn’t invested in the story. At one time in my life, I wouldn’t have stopped a book I started because I just felt compelled to finish. However, as I’ve grown older, my time is more valuable and I’ve learned to put down things that aren’t feeding me. This story was good, but I wasn’t invested in the characters and frankly, didn’t care what happened to them. So, I moved on to another title. Time is a precious commodity we seem to have too little of these days. Don’t spend it trying to read something that doesn’t fit. Don’t keep listening to a story that puts you to sleep! Trade them in for something that excites you, a story you want to finish, a story you can’t put down.

We are expecting new titles next week and we have a lot of new ones by your favorites. Join us in our summer reading program — Bingo is for all ages.

There are new things at the library and we hope you enjoy the changes we are making to enhance your browsing and reading experience. There is more to tell and more books on the way, so you’ll just have to stop in and get caught up.

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