Centennial Park plays host to fashion show

Rachel Junior shows her joy during the fashion show in Centennial Park that capped the Christmas in Crossett activities Saturday. The event was meant to showcase Ashley County boutiques.

When Centennial Park played host to a fashion show last weekend, it wasn’t about the clothes, though they played a central role. It was about promoting local business.

Crowds gathered in the downtown park to watch the boutique show Saturday afternoon, and the event’s organizers said they hope it will be the first of many for the area.

Co-coordinator Whitney Gill said that the purpose of the show was to promote the area’s boutiques and encourage people to shop at home this holiday season.

“We believe that boutiques should come together, even with their competitors, because it is the a way to fight the large chains,” Gill said.

Gill partnered with Kristi Stocker to organize the show, which was the grand finale of the annual Christmas in Crossett shopping event.

Gill said it was a great way to both showcase the beautiful park and give local boutiques an opportunity to showcase their clothing.

Southern Spice and Gypsy Soul of Crossett along with Harrison’s in Hamburg all participated in and brought models for the showcase.

“The models were all local women, because this was about showcasing our area,” Gill said.

Gill said the show was modified from the original plan because it was postponed a week because of inclement weather. K&K Company of Crossett was originally supposed to participate, but had to drop out when the date changed. Gill said they still provided door prizes even though their models were unavailable.

The models for the day Included Crossett women Avery Barnett, Kathy Murphy, Kelsey Babb, Jennifer Walker, Katie Carter, Alyssa Price, Madison Carter, Rachel Junior, Kelsey Dumas, Melissa McCone and Brooke Courson, and two Hamburg models, Callie Chavis and Pearcy Pennington.

India Holt was the master of ceremony for the show.

“This is the first fashion show in Centennial Park, and I can say that because I’ve lived here even before the park was built,” Holt said.

Several door prizes were drawn from members of the audience throughout the show with a grand prize basket winner annouced at the end.

April Spence took home a combination of gift cards, cash and gifts from the participating boutiques.

Gill said there will be another fashion show in the park in April, and she and Stocker plan to make this a bi-annual event each year.

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