The class of 1959, the last class to graduate from the two story high school that stood where Crossett Middle School now stands, celebrated its 60th class reunion last weekend.

The graduation theme in 1959 was “Education for Citzenship” as the students celebrated the end to not only their high school career, but the end of an era as future CHS graduates would walk the halls of a different building.

Headlines from the May 21, 1959, edition of the Ashley News Observer said that honor graduates Mary Louise Harbour, James King, Orville Hannum, Charles Chelsey and Mac Jordan led the ceremony that took place on a Tuesday night.

Louise Black, a 1959 graduate and one of the reunion organizers, said that the class had approximately 36 in an attendance at various times throughout the weekend. The group got together at different times on Friday and Saturday for fellowship, meals and even a tour of the new CHS building that was opened in December.

The class of 130 was the largest class at that time to graduate CHS, and Black said that approximately 90 of those students are still living, though they are now spread out from Crossett to California. Black said approximately 34 students from their class live out-of-state and about 21 students are still in Arkansas but live outside of Ashley County.

Black said that originally the class started meeting every ten years, as classes traditionally do, but for the last few decades the class of 1959 has made a point to get together every five years.

Black works with Margaret Holder, Billy Dickson, Charlotte Montgomery and Dorothy Farmer to coordinate the events.

The group continues to celebrate their time at CHS sixty years ago and now two school buildings ago; and they plan to get together again in 2024 to celebrate their 65th reunion.

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