Cleanup continuing after GP fire
Nov 8, 2017, 09:18

Company officials with Georgia Pacific said this week that they are still working to clean up after a massive fire that destroyed the company’s former plywood mill Oct. 28.

Workers at the former Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill move debris last week to fight hot spots following a massive fire there. The Oct. 28 fire destroyed the mill, which was already in the process of being demolished. (VERSHAL HOGAN/News Observer)
Part of that effort has been to clean up debris that the fire, which had a smoke plume that could be seen from 30 miles away, threw across the community. Initial efforts concentrated on removing the debris from around churches and schools, but later expanded to businesses and residents.

“Community cleanup continues as requested by local citizens,” Georgia Pacific Crossett Spokeswoman Jennifer King said. “We are still responding to calls for assistance.”

At the site of the fire, crews worked last week to maneuver the remains of the mill so that workers could control any hot spots that continued to smolder after the blaze was out.

King said the mill area had a 24-hour fire watch until all of the hot areas were extinguished.

“We are now transitioning to general fire cleanup and disposal of debris,” King said. “Once that is complete, we will continue to demolish the plywood facility.”

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