Pre-rodeo street dance makes return after 12 years
Aug 9, 2017, 14:27

Crossett knocked the dust off their best dancing boots when the Zac Dunlap band performed in the middle of Main Street Saturday night for Crossett’s first street dance in more than 12 years.

The Crossett Riding Club used to host a street dance to kick it off each year, and after more than a decade without a dance, local business owner Greg Murphy decided it was something that needed to be brought back. Murphy and his secretary, Lindsey Meeks, teamed up with Crossett Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Randee Jo Langley to make the happen. With only two weeks of planning, the trio and a host of local business sponsors made Murphy’s idea a reality.

“I just had the idea to bring it back, and I thought, ‘Why not?’” Murphy said.

The Zac Dunlap Band arrived in town on Saturday afternoon where they were greeted with “hospitality second to none,” as Zac Dunlap, lead singer, said from the stage on Saturday night. Among other things, Langley converted her office into a dressing room for the band members.

“They told us to make ourselves at home. They fed us dinner and they have just been so good to us. We love the town of Crossett,” said Hannah Dunlap, a vocalist and wife of the lead singer.

The band was formed by two couples who now not only perform together, but also own a business together. According to Zac’s wife, Hannah, the Dunlaps’ met the lead guitar player, Matt Cody, and his wife Faith approximately four years ago, and they’ve been working together ever since. When the band isn’t on the road performing, they can be found at their performance studio, Jettway Performance, in central Arkansas.

The band members said they were happy to be a part of reviving a Crossett tradition.

“Randee told us we are your first concert in 12 years, that’s really exciting,” Zac said. “We are so happy to be here.”

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