Voters ratify permanent levy of sales tax
Jun 14, 2017, 11:01

A minority of Crossett’s voters, approximately 11.9 percent, participated Tuesday in an election to permanently extend a half-cent sales tax dedicated to the city’s general revenue fund.

Alexa Pippen casts her ballot during voting in Tuesday’s special sales tax election in Crossett. A total of 431 of Crossett’s 3,606 registered voters participated in the election. (VERSHAL HOGAN/The News Observer)
When the polls closed Tuesday, the election was decisively in favor of the levy, with 319 of the 431 voters casting ballots in favor of the measure and 112 voting against it.

Members of the Crossett City Council, who had expressed concerns that if the tax did not pass the city would face dire austerity measures, greeted the results Tuesday night with smiles and expressions of relief.

“God be praised,” Councilwoman Lynn Rodgers said.

The tax has been thrice adopted, initially in 1998 and renewed twice since, last in 2010. While previous votes allowed the city to levy the tax with a sunset clause, this election was different in that voters were deciding to allow the tax in perpetuity.

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