Billies claim victory over Eagles
Apr 19, 2017, 14:27

The Monticello Billies jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first inning of the Crossett versus Monticello baseball game, a lead Crossett would fight but never fully overtake.

In the second inning, the Billies picked up another run, giving them a 4 point lead.

The Eagles started their comeback effort in the third inning. Cody Kelley went down on strikes for the Eagles first out, but a hit by Gregory Junior put him on first base. Seth Woods’ base-on-ball gave the Eagles runners on first and second base before Gage Terrell was walked to load the bases for the Eagles, which Khalil Ellis took advantage of with a drive for a single, knocking in two runners for the Eagles and bringing the score to 4-2, Monticello.

In the third inning, Austin Fitch reached base on an error and moved to second on a passed ball. Fitch then advanced to third on a hit by Junior before scoring on a base hit by Ellis. Later, Junior reached base on a single and moved to second on a base-on-ball by Terrell before moving to third. Junior scored on a hit by Ellis.

In the sixth inning, Fitch reached base with a hit, and Bryson Gill was able to take to the bases after batting and score the Eagles’ last run on an error on the shortstop.
Over the course of the game, however, the Billies had continued to accumulate runs and the game ended 11-6 in Monticello’s favor.

“We played a good game,” Coach Wolcott said. “There were times I thought we played very well. We had a few mistakes, and in sports we know that with everything equal, the team that makes the least mistakes usually wins. We have to keep working hard and keep improving. Our kids are working hard and we just have to stay focused and play the best we can.”

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