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Last Updated: Apr 27th, 2018 - 08:34:07

Eagles beat Warren, fall to Montiecllo in conference championship
Apr 27, 2018, 08:32

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The Crossett Eagles beat Warren early last week, but lost to Monticello in the conference championship and lost again in a close game against Junction City Saturday.

The Eagles started off with a nail-biting one-point win over the Warren Lumberjacks at home April 17.

Zeke Hopper caught the first hit of the game in right field. Kersh Hall caught the next hit in center field and Trent Pullin caught a line drive on first base for the third out.

The Eagles hit the dugout, but weren’t able to score. Duece Hall hit a single, but was left stranded on base.

In the top of the second, the first batter walked, but Paul Edgar struck the next batter out. A pop fly catch by Landon Golden and a line drive catch by Kersh Hall in center brought the Eagles back in to hit.

Golden started Crossett off with a single to right field and Cody Kelley followed with a single to left field.

Kersh Hall bunted to load the bases.

Paul Edgar hit a fielder’s choice that brought Golden home, but Kersh Hall was out at second.

Two outs later, Edgar and Kelley were stranded on the bases and the Eagles took the field.

Edgar, on the mound, threw the first hit to Pullin on first for out number one, but gave the next two batters a free base with a walk and a hit by pitch.

The next batter hit a single to load the bases and the next hit knocked two runs in, putting Warren in the lead 2-1.

Dakota Fitch threw the next batter out at first and Edgar got the third out when another ground ball was hit back to him.

In the bottom of the third, Bennett Holt hit a hard ground ball to shortstop to get on first, and advanced to second when Pullin walked.

Kaylon Williams went in to run for Holt and Carson Gilbert moved both Williams and Pullin with a single.

The bases were loaded when Golden hit a fly ball to center field. Golden was out, but Williams tagged up to tie the score 2-2. Pullin tagged to advance to third.

Kelley hit a hard grounder to left to knock Pullin in and moved Gilbert on to second.

Kersh Hall walked loading the bases.

Edgar hit a ground ball back to the pitcher who got Gilbert on the force out at home. The bases were loaded when Fitch hit a grounder to third for the last out of the inning.

The Eagles returned to the field leading 3-2 and got a quick three up three down.

Fitch caught a line drive on short and Edgar struck the next two batters out.

In the bottom of the fourth, Deuce Hall was out with a pop fly, but Holt got the Eagles started with a line drive double to center field.

Pullin walked, but on ball three Williams, in for Holt, stole third base. Gilbert hit a ground ball and was thrown out at first. The center fielder caught Golden’s line drive, leaving Pullin and Williams both stranded.

In the top of the fifth, Deuce Hall threw the first batter out at first, but the second batter was hit by a pitch, advancing freely to first. Fitch caught a pop up for the second out, but the next batter knocked in the walker, tying the score 3-3. Edgar threw the next batter out at first to bring the Eagles in to bat.

Kelley hit a ground ball to third and was thrown out at first. Kersh Hall hit to short stop for the second out.

Edgar hit a single, but Fitch popped out, stranding him on third.

The Eagles took the field, but after four batters and no runs were headed back into the dugout to finish the sixth.

Deuce Hall started off with a single, but was stuck at first when Holt lined out to right field.

Pullin moved Duece Hall to second with a single and Gilbert walked to load the bases.

Williams went in to run for Pullin and Jaylon Lawson went into run for Gilbert.
Golden hit a ground ball and reached first on error. The shortstop overthrew the first baseman, allowing Golden to move to second, Lawson to third, and Duece Hall and Williams both scored, giving the Eagles a two-point lead 5-3.
Kelley hit a sacrifice fly to bring Lawson in for the score and Golden stayed on second.

Kersh Hall hit a line drive to center field to bring Golden in for the score and the Eagles were up 7-3.

Edgar grounded out stranding Kersh Hall at third and the Eagles took the field to start the last inning.

The Lumberjacks quickly loaded the bases with a single and two walks.
Hopper went in as pitcher, but his first batter hit a single that knocked a Lumberjack run in to make the score 7-4.

The Eagles walked three batters in a row with the bases loaded giving Warren three more runs and tying the score 7-7.
Hopper with the first walk, then Kelley with the second and Fitch with the third.

Fitch was on the mound when the next batter hit a double, giving the Lumberjacks a 9-7 lead over the Eagles.

Fitch struck the next batter out, but then hit the next two batters with a pitch giving them free bases and bringing in a run.

Golden, on third, caught a grounder to throw a runner out at home and Fitch struck the next batter out to bring the Eagles in trailing 10-7.
Fitch walked, but was thrown out at second when Duece Hall hit a fielder’s choice single. Holt moved Hall to second and Pullin loaded the bases.

Gilbert stepped up and hit a double to bring Deuce Hall and Holt in to make the score 10-9. Justin Stokes went in to run for Gilbert. Golden hit a ground ball and reached first on error, but brought Pullin in and moved Stokes to third.

The score was tied 10-10 and the pitcher intentionally walked Kelley to load the bases.

Kersh Hall hit a line drive single to center field that knocked Stokes in for the win.

The game was called with only one out on the board and the Eagles celebrated their 11-10 victory.

The Warren win was the Eagles’ last one of the regular season as the rest of the week didn’t go as well.

Last Thursday, the Eagles hosted Monticello for the conference championship.

The Monticello Billies took an early lead on the Eagles putting up six runs in the top of the first.

--For the complete story, see the print edition.