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Last Updated: Apr 13th, 2018 - 09:47:00

After overnight mid-game delay, Eagles best Lions on baseball diamond
Apr 13, 2018, 09:45

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The Crossett Eagles beat the Hamburg Lions in a two-day nail biter last week.

The Tuesday night game rolled over into Wednesday after the weather stopped them with Crossett leading 4-3 on the scoreboard.

On the first night of play, Paul Edgar struck the first batter of the game out and Zeke Hopper caught a fly ball in right field for the second out.

Edgar walked the next batter, Riley Griffith, but the catcher, Bennett Holt, stopped him with a throw down to Deuce Hall when Griffith tried to steal second base.

The Lions hit the field and — with Steven Huff on the mound — got three up and three down. Deuce Hall and Holt both grounded out, and Huff struck out

Trent Pullin to send the Eagles back on the field.

Huff hit a single, but was thrown out at second when the next batter hit a grounder to shortstop, Dakota Fitch that turned into a double play.

Deuce Hall caught a fly ball on second to bring the Eagles into bat.

This time the Eagles didn’t go three up three down, but they didn’t score either.

Carson Gilbert hit a single and Landon Golden moved him to second, but three strikeouts left them stranded on base.

The scoreboard was still showing 0 - 0 and the Eagles hit the field to start the third inning.

Edgar walked Travis Huff, but Travis Huff was caught stealing second base. Deuce Hall caught a pop up and Edgar struck the third batter out.

Deuce Hall started the Eagle bat off with a double to right field. Holt stepped up behind him, but the center fielder grabbed Holt’s hit in the air.

Pullin hit a line drive single to right field finally moving Deuce Hall on to third base and a hard ground ball from Gilbert brought Deuce home for the first score of the game.

Brady Pippen caught a pop up on third and Steven Huff struck out Golden, stranding Pullin and Gilbert on base and bringing the Eagles back out to the field.

Two Eagle infield errors put two Lion runners on base. With a runner on first and third, Fitch caught Griffith’s hit to shortstop for the first out of the inning. Steven Huff hit a grounder that moved a runner to second, but Steven was thrown out at first by Golden.

Johnathan Kelley hit a double that brought Shannon Brennon and Nigel Lewis home for two Lion points, and the Lions took the lead 2 - 1.

A single by Harrod moved Johnathan Kelley to third, but a strikeout sent the Lions back on the field.

In the bottom of the fourth, Cody Kelley popped up to Johnathon Kelley for the first out. Edgar singled on a line drive to right field and Kaylon Williams went in as a courtesy runner. Riley Griffith caught a pop up in right field, and Drake Rice snatched a grounder on second to send the Eagles back on to the field.

Brady Pippen singled to right field and Drake Rice hit a sacrifice bunt to move him to second.

Shannon Brennon moved him around to third with a single to third base, and Lewis brought him home with a bunt.

Edgar caught an infield fly and Hopper caught a line drive in right field to bring the Eagles in to bat.

The Eagles were trailing 3-1, but came in ready to rattle their bats.

Holt reached first base on an error and Pullin walked. Gilbert stepped up and hit to the short stop, who threw Pullin out as he advanced toward second.
Jaylan Lawson, running for Holt, stole home, and Gilbert stayed at first base.
Kersh Hall was having an unusual night at bat, but finally drove the ball to center field for a double that moved Gilbert onto third base.

Golden stepped up and sent the ball to center field and — as the ball was thrown around the field — Golden made it third and two runners made it in.

--For the complete story, see the print edition.