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Last Updated: Jan 31st, 2018 - 09:31:51

Beta Club qualifies for national competition
Jan 31, 2018, 09:28

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The Crossett Beta Club traveled to Hot Springs last weekend and brought home multiple awards that qualified them for national competition.

Beta Club sponsors Kristin Morris, Leanna Morris and Maleah Rainey carried 65 students to the state Beta Club Convention last Thursday through Sunday.

Members of the Crossett Beta Club’s Living Literature group pose as wax figures in a tableaux competition in Hot Springs last weekend. (SUBMITTED/News Observer)
The Living Literature group won first place in their competition. Kristin Morris said they were required to pick a book and then set up a display to capture their literature choice. This year the group chose F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, “The Great Gatsby.”

“They set up a scene from on the Gatsby parties and posed like they were wax figures,” she said. “They had to be still for an entire five minutes each time one of the judges came around.”

Kristin Morris said seven students dressed in costumes and played as the wax figures, and the other six students worked on things like set design and costume design.

The students on the Living Literature team were Chase Rice, Cody Kelley, Connor Williams, Grace Wright, Ever Rose Minor, Sydney Watkins, Blair Barnett, Sydney Wells, Skye Jackson, Stephanie White, Lexie White, Shay Roland and Katie Bond.

The Beta Club Show Choir placed second for their performance of a “Greased Lightening” and “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’” mash up.

The show choir performers were Nathan Reed, Carson Gilbert, Brian Thomas, Dakota Fitch, Cody Kelley, Gabe Jordan, KW Rial, Sydney Watkins, Karis Staley, Bekah Frisby, Amber Sisson, Alissa Price, Abbey Austin, Emily Rush, McKenzie Davidson, Hannah McFarland, Carson Grannon, Courtney Riles, Macie Webb and Kelsey Dumas.

In addition to group awards, the club had five members win individually.

Rainie Rodgers won first place in the Division 1 language arts competition, Perry Williams won first place in the Division 1 math competition, Julie Barnett won first place in the Division 1 poetry competition, Karis Staley won second place in the Division 1 creative writing competition and Grace Wright won first place overall for a portrait she painted.

The groups and all individual winners qualified to go to the National Beta Convention in Savannah, Ga., this summer.

Kristin Morris said she is extremely proud of the club this year and all of the awards they brought home.

“Last year we had one person win an individual award, and that was all,” she said.

The group received a School of Distinction Award for increasing its membership in addition to a Gold Award because their conference attendance has grown by 10 percent.