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Last Updated: Nov 30th, 2017 - 13:21:20

County library upgrades to electronic system
Nov 30, 2017, 13:20

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The Ashley County Library has made the move from stamps and handwriting to digital scans for patrons checking out books.

The change won’t just help patrons taking out books, but those looking for titles as well.

Until approximately two weeks ago, the Ashley County Library in Hamburg was operating with an old-fashioned paper card catalog. Librarian Holly Gillum said the library is now operating paperless using the Follett Destiny Program.

Gillum said she and the staff are still working with their patrons to teach them the new system, but so far everything is going well.

“I’m enjoying it,” she said. “It has made record keeping easier, more efficient and much much more accurate.”

Not only does the new system allow the librarians to manage the library books and library business electronically, it also provides new services for patrons as well.

Gillum said people can now log into the library card catalog from home and view what books are checked out and what is available.

In the past, when someone called inquiring about a book, the library staff actually had to check the shelves manually to see what was available, Gillum said.

Now, not only can the staff check quickly and more accurately with the click of a button, but readers can check from home.

“Now anyone with a web (connection) can log in and check,” Gillum said.

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