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Last Updated: Nov 22nd, 2017 - 09:02:35

Hamburg ends football season in second round of playoffs
Nov 22, 2017, 09:01

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The Hamburg Lions’ 2017 football season officially ended Friday night in Pea Ridge.

The Blackhawks beat the Lions 37 - 7 in round two of the playoffs.

The Lions held the Blackhawks in the first quarter, forcing them to punt the ball on all three drives.

On the first drive, the Blackhawks moved the ball from their 20 yard line all the way to the Lion 48. Shannon Brennon and Herman Brown sacked the quarterback, Jakota Sainsbury, costing the Blackhawks eight yards and pushing them back to their own 44 yard line. An incomplete pass brought up third and 18 for the Blackhawks. Sainsbury completed a pass to Hayden Holtgrewe, but Traymon Holmes stopped him after a gain of 11 yards. The Blackhawks punted and the Lions took over on the Lion 9 yard line.

On the first Lion possession, Brennon ran the ball 15 yards to the Lion 24, but was stopped with a gain of only five yards on his next rush attempt. Two plays later, the Lions punted and the Blackhawks began another drive on their own 23 yard line.

Wayne Standridge stopped Drew Winn’s run attempt, but on the second play of the drive, Sainsbury completed a 20 yard pass to Holtgrewe for the first down. KT Davidson stopped Holtgrewe, but the Blackhawks were first and 10 midfield. Sainsbury rushed for a loss of 21 yards, and Wil Dodson sacked him on the next play for another loss of two yards. The Blackhawks were third and 33 on their own 24 yard line, and they lined up to punt.

The Lions took over midfield, but after three plays were forced to punt back to the Blackhawks.

The defense came back out strong. Brown held Winn’s first two run attempts, and after an incomplete pass by Sainsbury, the Blackhawks punted again.
The Lions started another drive, but punted it right back just as the clock rolled into the second quarter.

Pea Ridge took over on their own 29 yard line, and it only took them three plays to score a touchdown and kick in the extra point.

Pea Ridge kicked back to the Lions, but the Lions seemed to be moving the ball backwards. Michael Mondragon punted for the Lions from the Lion 16, and the Blackhawks took over with a head start in Lion territory.

Sainsbury was stopped by Brown after he rushed for eight yards, moving to the Lion 30 yard line. Winn ran another 10 yards before he was stopped by Standridge and Devonte Tucker on the Lion 20. Holtgrewe caught a pass in the end zone, and the extra point kick was good. With eight minutes to play in the half, the Lions were trailing by 14.

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