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Last Updated: Oct 25th, 2017 - 13:49:37

From Malawi to home: Local families pursue overseas adoptions
Oct 25, 2017, 13:45

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Two Crossett families are in the process of bringing home babies from Malawi through adoption.

One of the families has a match and is expecting their new daughter any time now. The other family is still on the waiting list.

Alan and Lindsey Brewer have been residents of Crossett for six years and have wanted to adopt for longer than that.

Lindsey said they were living in Ohio and they got to be there when their friend brought a child home from Ethiopia.

“When I saw her take that baby in her arms, God just started working on my heart,” Lindsey said.

The Brewers said it hasn’t been an easy process for them. They waited three years for a baby from Ethiopia, only to find out that Ethiopia shut down adoptions temporarily and they lost their spot on the waiting list.

Around that time, they found out that a local child needed a home, and the Brewers opened their home. Even though their household size had grown from 5 to 6, they still felt the need to pursue the overseas adoption.

“It’s loving someone you haven’t met yet,” Lindsey said.

Little did the Brewers know, their door to adoption was in a grocery store. In the summer of 2015, Alan was shopping in Little Rock when he met a couple who had just adopted from Uganda.

“Alan is not shy,” Lindsey said. “He will talk to anyone”

The couple in the store got Alan in contact with Jason Carney, founder of a charity program called 2nd Milk and the owner of an adoption agency.

The Brewers contacted Carney and asked how soon they could get the ball rolling.

“We don’t have families waiting, we have children waiting,” they were told in August 2015.

The Brewers waited almost 18 months, but finally on Feb. 20, 2017, they got their match.

Lindsey said they still have to go to court in Malawi, but they are hoping to have their daughter in their home by Christmas.

The Brewers already have pictures of their new daughter, Clara, in their home.
Lindsey said Clara was their new daughter’s birth name and they weren’t planning to change it once Clara comes to the United States.

“Clara was actually one of the names we had picked out for Ella,” Lindsey said about her middle daughter.

The Brewers have four children, and Clara will make five once they finally bring her home.

Lindsey said her children are excited and waiting on a baby is something their youngest child Silas has done his entire life.

“He was one when we started this process six years ago, so waiting on a baby is all he’s ever known,” she said.

Jeremy and Mandy Mills attend the same church as the Brewers and had been thinking about adoption since the Brewers first moved to their church six years ago. Mandy said they were watching a documentary on Cambodia and God really started to put it on their hearts to adopt.

“These kids need to be rescued,” Mandy said.

In November 2015, the Mills officially started their adoption journey.

Mandy said God confirmed in a dream that she needed to adopt from overseas.

The Brewers got Mandy and Jeremy in contact with their agency and the Mills started the long application process.

--For the complete story, see the print edition.