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Last Updated: Oct 25th, 2017 - 13:21:20

One last meal: Class of 1981 visits Crossett High School for final time
Oct 25, 2017, 13:16

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Members of the Crossett High School class of 1981 say they’re one of the most unified classes to pass through the halls even after 36 years.

Members of Crossett High School’s class of 1981 gathered for a cafeteria style meal at the school so that they could have one last visit at the old school before it is demolished next year. (VAL GAUGHT/News Observer)
Last week, they gathered so they could pass through those halls together one last time.

According to 1981 graduate and prom queen Suzanne McElroy Ballard, the class has regular reunions and they go all out. Ballard said the class got together after five, 10, 25 and 30 years, and now the class has met back up again to celebrate 36 years.

Class of 1981 graduate Barry Burchfield said people thought it was odd that he wanted to get together a 36 year class reunion.

“They said that’s odd, and I said no, it’s even,” Burchfield said.

Burchfield said he wanted to gather his classmates at a non-traditional time because the high school building is scheduled to be torn down next year. Burchfield said he thought it would be nice for his class to all be together in the building one last time.

“This cafeteria is exactly the same as it was in ‘81,” Burchfield said as he walked around the lunchroom last weekend.

The class gathered Saturday for a final tour of the high school and a special lunch served to them high school style.

“Barry said he wanted chili, cinnamon, rolls and a cheese stick, just as we had in school,” Ballard said.

The students lined up in the cafeteria and were served on trays just as they were 36 years ago.

Before the chili was served, Burchfield announced that instead of providing mints, he had placed antacids on all of the tables.

“You know we are getting old,” Burchfield said as he distributed the medicine to each table.

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