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Last Updated: Aug 4th, 2017 - 10:31:10

LETTERS FROM READERS: Are Ashley County voters sheep for new taxes?
Jul 12, 2017, 10:24

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Ashley, are we like sheep? You know sheep! Sheep can’t think for themselves, so they must have a shepard to guide and protect them. Now, do the citizens of Crossett, Hamburg and the whole county need people telling us what to do, like raising taxes for thing we don’t need or want?

Crossett, you are old and worn out. You’re tired and can’t rise up to confront those who will tax you to death. They are simular to those who would scam you out of all you have. Sounds harsh? It is true. Like a fire, it wants more and more fuel to burn bigger and higher to reach the heavens. That is the motive of those living off our taxes!

We need to rid our county of all those telling us to vote for more and permanent taxes.We need to rid our county of them and get replacements that don’t think we need to pay more and more for the same old things we know are not needed just because they say those things are!

When an elections is held and brings out only eleven percent of registered voters, that’s got to be taken as a positive “no” vote! That should be the law!

Anytime less that half of the registered voters turn out for a so-called special election, it should not count as an election.

C. Donaldson,