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Last Updated: Aug 4th, 2017 - 10:31:10

Crossett schools to expand pre-K program in coming year
Jun 14, 2017, 10:58

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The Crossett Public School District will expand its pre-kindergarten program in the coming year.

The Crossett School Board approved the move Monday night.

Superintendent of Schools Gary Williams said the program currently has 100 slots available for pre-kindergarten enrollment, but recommended to the board that it be expanded to 120.

“We have a waiting list that is continuing to grow,” he said. “That has been a trend.”

Adding those slots will allow more children to get into an educational environment at an early age, which studies have shown gives them a significant boost down the road, Williams said.

Rather than adding a new position, the superintendent said the school district could, through attrition, move a teaching position is not needed in kindergarten through fourth grade instruction in the coming year into the pre-kindergarten slot, meaning the district will be able to make the change while maintaining the same level of staffing.

The board also heard from Vicki Dodd, math facilitator for Crossett High School, about planned changes the high school will make in the coming year to help students perform better.

Dodd said that to address some concerns that too much class instructional time is being used for student remediation, the school plans to implement a program known as “Eagle Time.”

Eagle Time will be a period during the school day in which every students will be in a setting where they can be pulled from the non-core class they’re in and go to a teacher to seek help for areas in which they need additional instruction.

Teachers will be able to pull students they think need the help into Eagle Time, Dodd said, but students will also be able to request it.

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